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When you go out to buy something at your regular store, it is because you know them. You might like how their customer care works, or you might just love their products. Assuming you are to recommend someone to a shop, you are probably not going to guess your recommendation; you will send them to what you are familiar with. This includes cautioning them about shops your experience was gruesome. This principle works for the Consumer Report which in its quest to help consumers, posts what consumers can expect in different stores, shops, or companies.

Fast forward and into the Internet age, the relevance of consumer’s reports has never faded. Many e-commerce companies now package their consumer reports as comments, reviews and comments about different vendors with stores on their websites. One industry that has operated without oversight, whether self or otherwise is the essay writing industry which has students as its primary consumers. Many of them don’t have consumer reports to help their customers choose the most optimal options.

Students as consumers

When a student goes out of their way to buy an essay, they expect that the parties on the opposite side have something special for them. Just as many of them are helped by essay writing companies, others are overcharged by under-delivering companies. The best thing these students can do is to hope that whoever they chose will keep their end of the deal, which is something that doesn’t happen quite often. A review site like is what these students need to make the most optimal choices of essay writing companies.

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Why read reviews

Essay writing companies are not made equal. Some started the other day, while others have no reputation at all- not that they even care to have one. Reviews are very important because word goes round very quickly in a saturated industry; students need to be able to use reviews they can trust to get the right providers. Apart from cautioning, reviews can point you in the right direction, making your choice easier and faster.

How it works

This website works on the customer review model. We ask any student who has ever received an essay from an essay writing company to either recommend or thumb them down. Students do this by rating a company’s support, usability, affordability, quality of work, etc. They also leave a raw comment about their experience to help other students. We also list the strengths and weaknesses of various paper writing organizations to help students make decisions faster.

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