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Starring three civilians who have taken refuge in a building we will have to control them and manage their shelter to survive in the day and night cycles of this war. During the day the snipers outside prevent us from leaving the shelter, so in those hours we will focus on the maintenance of their hideout, such as crafts, trade and care of their survivors. At night, despite the continuous bombers, we will be able to go out through the streets to collect supplies to survive another day.

God of war chronological order

In 2009 Konami announced that Six Days in Fallujah would not be released. Atomic Games, the developers, abandoned what was to be a military tactical shooter set in the Iraq War. The game’s story was to review what happened to a group of U.S. Marines in the Second Battle of Fallujah, one of the hottest points of the war at the beginning of the century.

Six Days in Fallujah will be released for PC and consoles in 2021, although at the moment we have no more information about it. From the studio we are summoned to a few weeks to learn more about this project.

One of the craziest moments we have ever experienced in Warzone. A player, totally to his face, his assault rifle stops working and he loses a confrontation that he should have won easily.

Roman god of war

After October is a creation of Nicolás Bardio, illustrated by Xon de la Campa. It is defined as a spy role-playing game, set in the Cold War. Intrigue, mystery, combat, police investigation, infiltration, double lives, hidden microphones and false passports will be part of the proposal.

They will face forces such as Christian terrorists or Asturian independence fighters. It will have an extensive setting to get to know the RSSA in detail, in relation to its history, its economy, its politics and its territories.

It will use D6 and D8 rolls, with their advantages and disadvantages. It will be completed with six predefined characters and an initial adventure. In order to hook people who have never played role-playing, it will have three chapters aimed at them, with which they can learn in 30 minutes. Its author is also concerned about the experts, offering them quick and new narrative games.

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Kratos is much more than one of PlayStation’s superstars: the ghost of Sparta has become, in his own right, one of the maximum standard-bearers of modern videogames and, since the most recent God of War, of the maturity and excellence that a videogame saga is capable of reaching. Which does not take away, on the other hand, how much fun it is to pulverize enemies dragged by anger. Especially those of disproportionate proportions.

At the end of the day, to talk about the star saga of the Santa Monica studio is to enter into a vendetta of Olympic proportions (never better said) in which our role is not reduced to cleaning each section of its exotic scenarios until we reach the next big boss, but in how to bask in the feeling of revenge and barbarism to the fullest.

Logically, not all the installments have managed to transmit these experiences with the same excellence. In other words: the impact left by the original God of War on PS2 is unquestionable, but the way in which they have wanted to replicate that formula in each new main entry and parallel stories has not always been in-crescendo. Which does not detract from the fact that all God of War games have ended up being must-sees.

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