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Noirmony is a very light game, barely exceeding 20 MB in weight. In addition, it is a game that does not need an Internet connection so that we can play, which is undoubtedly another feature highly valued by users on Android.

Noirmony is a game of levels, where we will have to make the character that stars in it go jumping over the leaves. We encounter a number of dangers on this path, which we will have to avoid at all times. As we advance we find crystals that we must collect, because they will serve to unlock characters or objects of interest.

There are more than 30 different characters in the game, which we can unlock in order to go through this special universe with one of them. Each character has different special abilities. The levels within the game vary in difficulty, but the goal is to always reach the top at the end.

The controls are simple, so no one will have problems when playing from their Android smartphone. As we mentioned before, this game is lightweight and we will be able to play at all times without the need for an Internet connection on the phone.

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However, painters, who have generally had access to color since their early days, used black and white as a method of expression by default. The lack of color in the scene represented the loss of something essential, used to represent loneliness, loss or pain. Others chose this absence of color to demonstrate to the maximum their skills in handling volume and light in their work.

Film directors also took advantage of their limitation to also exploit the image to the maximum. After the First World War, great German directors were carried away by the post-war pessimism in their country, giving rise to German Expressionist Cinema, which accentuated its enigmatic, macabre, sinister and morbid character, giving way to a more complex lighting as an expressive medium. This can be seen in works such as Metropolis or The Cabinet of Dr. Caligali, which have been great references in the use of light.

As videogame creators we have to keep in mind the aesthetics of our games, the hows and whys of its use. Let’s analyze some examples that will help us to see if we want to use black and white as the main artistic thread of our work.

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They uploaded it to Kickstarter, asked for 10 thousand dollars to get funded and with only one day left they are already at 12 thousand. So we can already say that they reached the goal and they will be able to continue advancing in their new pixel art adventure.

The Longest Road On Earth will put us in the shoes of four different characters and we will have to live their day by day, until, eventually, their paths cross. Here the thing is about sensations and emotions, do not expect a gameplay challenge, but rather an adventure in which we will have to interact with objects and scenarios.  «All the scenarios were built with the purpose of provoking different sensations among players», says the official description of the game.

As you can see, this is an intimate story without words and in black and white. A product that, undoubtedly, is not for everyone, but it is interesting that they exist as artistic expressions. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to it.


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Despite the advances of today’s technology, when televisions and monitors can display thousands of colors, there are still many people who can’t resist the charm of black and white images, either in their pure state, or in beautiful shades of gray. Why? Is it the memory of a bygone past? Or is there another reason?

For some, black and white highlights contrasts in a way that color does not. It highlights forms in a way that is aesthetically pleasing, and for this reason, many photographers continue to use this form of expression. Cinema, so closely related to photography, is also no stranger to this trend and there are very good examples of it:

This form of filming is still present in the seventh art, and will be for a long time to come. Obviously, video games could not be left out of this black and white trend either. The following titles are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this visual approach. But there are others that stand out for this.

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