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A gaming bar is a space where a group of people can gather to play video games for fun, competitively or as a spectator. The most common games are eSports League of Legends, Overwatch, Hearthstone, CS:GO, Battlefield 1, Call of Duty Infinity Warfare and Titanfall 2. As a spectator you can enjoy a few drinks and some good tapas watching live tournaments or broadcasts.

Nor should arcades or modern gaming bars be confused with the gambling hall around the corner. These are casino games that offer slots and poker tournaments, which nowadays are beginning to offer games of skill that try to resemble video games.

It is known as Barcraft or eSport Bar. It specializes in eSports competitions and here you can come both to play and have a drink with your friends. You can watch live international events or the retransmission of one of them.

A place a little more professional and focused on competitive players. Many of the city’s professionals and celebrities from the eSport world come here. The equipment is more advanced with a high speed connection and professional peripherals.

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Although online gaming is a discipline that can be enjoyed without problems from home, and, being in a situation like the current one, this is perhaps the most appropriate, safe and responsible way to enjoy this type of entertainment, as a finishing touch to this article we will mention some of the places with the best graphics, equipment and connections in the capital to enjoy a good afternoon of gaming when the situation arises. Places like UNTTS Gaming Lounge, Pixel Bar, Cobra Army, Elite Gaming Center Madrid or Meltdown Madrid, will delight fans who wish to share their skills with other fans and professionals in environments perfectly adapted to the needs of any gamer.

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We have created a list of gaming bars and eSports competition centers, where you can enjoy your favorite video games and meet/play with other gamers to: League of Legends, Overwatch, Hearthstone, CS:GO, Battlefield 1, Call of Duty Infinity Warfare, Titanfall 2….

We want to gather all the important places for the community in a list easily accessible to everyone. We have included both cyber cafes, bars and all possible places dedicated to eSports. As you can see, they are sorted by city. What we are looking for with this article is to make known meeting places for gamers who may live in these cities and do not know they exist or where these establishments are located.

But gaming never dies, it only transforms. Currently, thanks to the rise of E-Sports, we can find many places to enjoy with people of our same hobbies. So we can find gamer bars where we can have a drink or eat something while watching a tournament of our favorite games or even participating in one inside the bar.

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