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If your computer meets the minimum requirements, BioWare estimates that you will be able to run Mass Effect: Andromeda at a resolution of 1280x720p, low and 30 frames per second. If you meet the recommended ones you reach 1920×1080, in high and at 30 frames per second.

However, it goes without saying that these data are estimates presented by the studio and that, given the complex world of computer components and all its variants, the actual performance may vary. Mass Effect: Andromeda will be released on March 23rd.Related Links:Source

Analysis Mass Effect: AndromedaGuide Mass Effect: Andromeda, tips and tricksAll Mass Effect gamesMass Effect Andromeda is the next game from Bioware and the continuation of the Mass Effect saga in the new generation. The timeline will take place long after the events of Mass Effect 3, but will start after Mass Effect 2, when humanity desperate and threatened by an immediate attack of the Reapers on the Milky Way decides to make a mass exodus aboard the Nexus station to explore the Andromeda galaxy (our neighbor) trying to find a new home where to be safe from the threat of the great machines. Mass Effect Andromeda therefore does not belong to the original trilogy and will focus on creating a new story with its own ending.

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‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ will be the game to cap off the most promising month of 2017, taking the series to the next level with a new galaxy to explore, a new crew to meet and the most important mission in history: finding a new home for humanity.

And without a multitudinous team showing a disc, and practically a month before its release, BioWare announces that the continuation of its acclaimed space RPG saga is officially finished, starting the production process of physical copies and it is expected that digital pre-downloads will be enabled very soon.

It’s worth remembering that beyond its plot premise and gameplay, ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ will showcase what EA’s Frostbite engine is capable of delivering. What desktop rig will we need to see it in all its glory?

As expected, and now that the production process has concluded – although no one will be surprised by a traditional update with extra tweaks on release day – the title’s minimum and recommended requirements for PC users have been offered.

mass effect requirements

Mass Effect Andromeda promises a completely renewed adventure in an unknown galaxy, which we must explore from end to end to find a new home where humanity can settle and evolve. On this journey nothing will go as they expect, and they suffer an ‘unfriendly’ reception from the races that live there.

Those who are impatient to play it, can get an EA Access subscription and enjoy the first 10 hours, it’s either that or wait until March 21 for the official launch. The pre-download of the game is already enabled on the Origin platform.

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Mass Effect Andromeda is just a few weeks away from its release and in the case of PC we will have the opportunity to see the best visual quality, as it could run the title up to 4K resolutions.

Now Bioware revealed new details of that version, some screenshots in 4K of the game using NVIDIA Ansel, remember that the game uses the Frosbite engine from DICE, so we will have very striking animations, but also demanding.

There will be 16 options of different image quality, various levels of detail and will be compatible with HDR TVs or G-SYNC HDR monitors, for people worried about whether their equipment can handle the title, here are the lowest specifications.

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