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One of my lifelong friends feels very identified with a famous phrase that says that «what’s in your glass says a lot about you». Not only does he love to drink, but he feels a special bond with it, and therefore feels comfortable with the fact that someone can read inside him just by looking at what he is drinking that day. That phrase is nothing more than an alcoholic adaptation of «tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you who you are», and just as it can be applied to the realm of becoming like Las Grecas, it can be applied to any other. Everything we do, wear or consume speaks of who we are, and it’s something we can’t escape. In this way, just as what’s in our drink and what we order to eat afterwards to get us through the high defines us, so do many other things, such as the car we drive.

Tyler is the fastest racer, he tends to use sports or racing cars, and the tests he excels at are speed and acceleration. Mac is the most skilled of the three, he usually uses off-road station wagons or tuned cars, and is very good at drifting and off-road. Jess is the most cunning and aggressive, so she likes rugged, high-end vehicles and is the best at running away from or lashing out at the authorities. The game sets up five types of trials (racing, acceleration, off-road, drifting, and escape) for five types of cars, and divides them among the three characters to represent their personalities throughout the gameplay. Mac is a hothead and a pimp, and drifting is able to convey those emotional traits, just as Jess’s temperament is embodied in every ramming he receives from a squad car. It’s a great idea, and Payback manages to pull it off, but it’s still a lazy attempt: the characters are so static and flat that it’s impossible to put yourself in their shoes as you drive through them.

Need for speed payback ps4 analysis

The main novelty of this title is a series of guided missions, scripted, and generally, with a different purpose than winning a race, but always quite spectacular. A perfect example is the mission with which the game was announced, in which we see how several of the protagonists collaborate to steal a car from a moving truck. Unfortunately, these missions are quite scarce.ADVERTISEMENT

In fact, there are some things that didn’t seem to us to be well resolved. For example, when looking for cars for the scrapyard, we receive an indication about where they are on the map, and we have to go to that area to look for it. Well, we are going to find more than one invisible wall blocking a perfectly obvious path, simply because that is not the way the developers chose to get to the car.

Need for Speed Payback offers us an extensive map, an extensive list of cars, an extensive list of trials and an extensive list of customization options for our cars. It is not an overwhelming game, but it does have quite a lot of content. We have different types of tests that will require different types of vehicles -sliding, off-road, acceleration…-, and we can change them comfortably before starting each test, without having to go back to the garage to change them.

Need for speed payback is good

This time we have a story that tells us about Tyler Morgan, a guy who along with his Fortune Valley gang intends to take revenge on The House, the evil society that is in charge of the casinos and the police of the city. The stakes are high in this gambling paradise and The House always wins. Playing in various events as Tyler, Jessica Miller or Sean McAllister, we have to earn the respect of the underground world of Fortune Valley and race to take down The House once and for all.

The plot itself is nothing to write home about, but the missions we do in this mode are a lot of fun, with scripts set up to surprise the player and various objectives that add variety to the game’s development. The biggest problem is that this type of races are scarce, which is a shame, because they make the game more interesting and entertaining. We really liked the personalities of the three main characters, who are very charismatic and have different driving styles.

Need for speed payback summary

It is an arcade game where the most important thing is to take the car and race, no more. There is a lot of variety, the tuning is good, the sound of the cars is achieved, the map is more than acceptable, there is a variety of tests, the graphics are cream, the gameplay is comfortable … in general it is a good game. You have difficulty levels so it’s up to the consumer’s taste.

The new system of upgrades is also horrible, whichever way you look at it, it looks for the promotion of games of chance instead of a customization of the features to the user’s taste, all this with the desire that people buy virtual currency to spend them in this absurd and bad mechanism that like the car configurations were better in the previous game.

– Playability:It is a cheap copy of Forza Horizon but mediocre,you can customize the cars you want if,but it is all petado of bugs and microtransactions that make it another Pay to win typical of Electronic Arts,there are enough activities for the map yes,but the physics and behavior of the cars is somewhat false,and the crashes are exaggerated.(Note:7).

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