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The narrative pretext of Contract is quite usual, but capable of immersing us in the war context set up by the developers. Siberia has decided to distance itself from mother Russia, becoming a state ruled by Nergui Kurchatov, a character who certainly does not command them to say. In the game we will be called upon to assume the role of «Predator», a silent and deadly assassin with no name, hired to put an end to a whole series of international plots and top-secret secrets to recover, scattered within the game’s numerous missions (spread over large areas) to face on the paths and at the times we deem appropriate.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts therefore briefly follows the basic structure of Hitman (but also that of the more recent Wolfenstein: Youngblood), leaving aside a linear development of the main plot. The open scenarios with several main objectives within them to complete without a predefined order are also enriched with a whole series of side missions, such as elements to eliminate, collectibles to collect and challenges of various kinds. If the cinematic (and pyrotechnic) element of Call of Duty is almost completely absent, on the other hand, we have a decidedly more sober and reasoned overall pace of play. Stalking, waiting for the enemy to pass several hundred meters away, aiming and only then shooting (with the inevitable killcam that shows the bullet penetrating the unfortunate target), is always a mechanism capable of giving the right satisfactions, thanks also to the architecture of the various game areas (quite large and often also built vertically).


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Sniper ghost warrior 3

Now, this June, it is the turn of its sequel, directly called Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2. The game was released this past June 4 for PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox SeriesX/S and PC.

Once again we return to play the sniper named Raven, but now in an invented region of the Middle East near the border of Lebanon and Syria. Ruled by a criminal cartel that we will have to hunt down. His mission is to single-handedly take down a criminal organization and bring its members to justice or directly to the other side of the street.

The precision shooting is the heart of the saga, and the mechanics are still very satisfying. We can play in 4 levels of difficulty, from shooter with shooting assistance through a red dot that indicates where the projectile will end up, to expert with realistic shooting mechanics, without assistance and with limited interface.

Although the first two difficulty levels allow you to have shooting assistance enabled, I think this game is more enjoyable with it disabled. A good shot requires calculating the distance, adjusting the sight and considering the fall of the projectile and the wind, and the reward of seeing in slow motion how you disintegrate a head more than a kilometer away is greater if we have «worked it out» ourselves.

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