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The most premium headphones for PS4 and PS5 are these Sony Platinum Wireless Headset. Compatible with your console via Bluetooth, also with PC and mobile with the best 3D sound quality from Sony.If you want to have the best 3D sound quality while playing your PS4 or waiting for your new PS5, Sony has these Sony Platinum Wireless Headset. A good wireless headset with great quality and isolation that can become your best ally to listen to your enemies.

Sony Platinum Wireless HeadsetBluetooth headphones fully compatible with Sony PS4 and SP5 consoles. They have a microUSB connection to recharge the battery, 3.5mm connection and foldable.

They have comfortable padded ear cushions perfect for isolating from outside noise. While it does not have active noise cancellation, it makes enough closure to reduce external noise.

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Would you like to have all comfort while enjoying a new singer with the best sony platinum bluetooth headset for ps4? Enjoying great tunes while walking around your city or on the subway makes the rides pleasant? Would you like to hear the pc and prevent the surrounding from getting in the way?

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Ps4 of 500Gb, because I bought the new console, but it works perfectly. I also include two controllers, the blue one is the new generation controller, an original ps4 wireless headset and two games (gtaV and Call of Duty Black Ops III).80 EUR.

4 original remote controls. 13 games. New sticker for controller. Stereo headset with noise reduction and microphone. Charger for 2 remote controllers with fans and game stand. New stickers for PS 4 and remote controls. Cables. Used a little. Very good condition. Located in Salou Price for all.80 EUR

For sale is this set of Headset Pads for the official Sony Headset! SEALED!!! THEY ARE BRAND NEW! Shipments are made as long as the buyer takes charge The shipment is made by regular mail if the buyer wants it by certified mail will be responsible for the costs. You can pay by bank transfer or Bizum as you prefer! I am reliable and serious user my votes prove it!!!300 EUR

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SONY PLATINUM WIRELESS HEADSET wireless gaming headset finished in silver and black, enjoy professional quality audio for your PS4 games with our best sounding headset. PS4 gaming headset, enhanced virtual surround sound 7.1, 3D audio mode with PS4 compatible games, compatible with PS4, PC, MAC and smartphone with wireless adapter or 3.5mm jack.

Discover enhanced 7.1 virtual surround sound in every PS4 game, thanks to 3D audio technology and 50mm speaker diaphragms that deliver incredible clarity and sound range.

Discover the sound every game should have thanks to a series of custom audio modes created by game developers to give you an optimal sound experience tailored made for individual games.

With multi-positioned microphones equipped with Crystal-Clear technology for sound cancellation, allowing chat to work even when the headset is around your neck. The microphones incorporate a competitive advantage by filtering out ambient sound and giving you the flexibility to use them however you want.

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