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To begin with, ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ is a sandbox. Nintendo has decided to try its luck in this area and, for the first time in the history of Zelda, the freedom of action in a huge open world is total from the first minute. A gigantic world that in itself is a dungeon full of puzzles to solve and that, in turn, hides other dungeons, shrines and tests of all kinds and scale.

Unlike the hearts that determine Link’s health level, we will not see the stamina indicator on the interface, but it will appear on Link when we carry out one of these actions and will be depleted until the character is exhausted if we do not stop before. If we have enemies nearby we will be exposed, if we are in the water we will drown, if we are climbing a very high wall we will fall into the void. Solution? Increase Link’s stamina, which is done by praying at certain statues scattered around the map. But hey, everything has a cost: not only must we pay to get this improvement, but each time we must choose between increasing stamina or health. And of course, this choice conditions the way in which we will face the following hours of gameplay.

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Una de las mayores franquicias de Nintendo celebra este año su 35º aniversario, y The Legend of Zelda sigue inspirando y entreteniendo a sus fans. A lo largo de su historia, The Legend of Zelda ha dado lugar a numerosos videojuegos oficiales, varios juegos derivados, una serie de televisión animada, varias adaptaciones del manga, toneladas de artículos de merchandising y mucho más. Considerada a menudo como una de las mejores series de videojuegos de todos los tiempos, The Legend of Zelda ha causado un claro impacto en muchos jugadores y aficionados a los juegos.

Aunque el argumento de cada juego de Zelda puede ser único, generalmente siguen elementos básicos similares. Un joven valiente llamado Link se ve envuelto en una aventura para salvar a la mágica princesa Zelda de las garras de cualquier villano en el que se centre el juego. Con la excepción de Breath of the Wild, los juegos de la serie The Legend of Zelda también tienen una historia bastante sucinta que no deja mucho espacio para la exploración en el juego una vez completado. Desde el primer juego cronológico, Skyward Sword, hasta el atractivo sueño de Link’s Awakening, pasando por la división temporal de Ocarina of Time, este es el tiempo que se necesita para superar todos los juegos de la serie The Legend of Zelda.

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The adventure has a more or less classic start in which guide your first steps and tell you what to do, but then you are released to your free will, and you can literally do whatever you want. Your objective in the story is always very clear, and without going into too much detail, we’ll say that it basically consists of making Link better and strong enough to face a complicated final challenge.

How you do it is up to you, but you’ll soon learn that it pays to increase health and stamina, get good weapons and outfits, and enlist the invaluable help of some allies, who inhabit a practically desolate Hyrule, which throbs with sadness, nostalgia and beauty in equal parts. The game world is full of all kinds of secrets and treasures, but at first your eyes are not trained to see them, and it will take a few hours before you begin to discover all the possibilities offered by the scenarios: what were once four stones in the middle of the field, now you may see it as a potential puzzle.

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